How Should a Client Prepare for his Escort Booking

If this is the first time you’ve booked an escort then you may understandably be a little nervous beforehand.

You’ve really no reason to be though since alot of girls actively go out of their way to make clients feel relaxed and confident on first meeting them. And believe us, they’re pros at this. We guarantee that literally within 10 minutes you’ll feel at ease and excited about your encounter.

How to physically prepare before meeting your escort:

Obviously you’ll want to feel clean and groomed (nails cut, hair washed, showered and shaved etc) on first meeting the lovely lady you’ve booked in advance. Certainly, you can be sure she has spent hours getting ready for you and will be in tip-top physical condition.

Have a drink if you think you need it to calm your nerves – but no more than one. Turning up drunk at her door is a real turn off and could lead to her quite rightly cancelling the appointment. Most girls also have a no drugs policy.

If the escort you’ve booked is coming to your apartment or hotel room, then make sure it’s tidy and presentable. No-one feels romantic in a room cluttered with bags and clothes strewn around the carpet. That just looks messy and depressing – and it doesn’t show any respect to your guest either ie that you couldn’t be bothered tidying up for her. You can be sure if the boot was on the other foot she would have candles burning, soothing music, dimmed lights and a bottle of champers on ice waiting for you.

How to mentally prepare before coming face to face with your escort:

If you have any allergies or sensitivities such as hay fever or to candles, or you’re allergic to cats or dogs and you’re meeting at your escort’s apartment, then definitely let her know this beforehand. She certainly doesn’t want you to be miserable when you’re with her!

Have the payment ready in cash and in an envelope which you can discreetly leave it in the agreed place in the apartment or hotel room when you first enter.
Regardless of how nervous you are, never turn up with a friend. An escort booking is strictly a one on one encounter (unless you’ve booked a Couples or Party Escort).
Prepare to treat your escort as you would a date ie if you want to bring her a small gift such as flowers or chocolates then that’s fine. Really it’s all about respect and civility. You can be sure your escort will go out of her way to make you feel special – give her with the same courtesy.

How to book your stunning escort:

Booking your babe can be the hardest part as you’re not familiar with the process and you really aren’t sure what it may entail, we always suggest that you should use agencies which are highly experienced in the industry which will support you all the way upon your escort booking, we don’t usually like to promote agencies but on this occassion we would like to recommend an agency called AJ London Escorts these have been in the industry for over 8 years now and have recieved many great reviews on their website and also very reputable sources in the industry such as, the process for booking is usually the same for every agency and you can either give them a call on the agency phone you will find or if it is available you can use an online booking form.